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Parenting Rights

Australian law focuses on the rights of children to have an ongoing relationship with both parents so that separating from...

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Parenting Rights Lawyers Perth

Child Support

If your children spend most of their time with you, you are likely to be entitled to child support payments. The amount of...

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Children's Court

Our advice is practical and delivered in plain English so that children, young people, parents and guardians can all...

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Childrens Court Lawyer Perth


In Australia, there is no need to provide any reasons for divorce other than that the relationship has broken down...

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Family Divorce Lawyer Perth

Property Settlement

Dealing with the complexities of property settlement is stressful but the consequences of not doing it properly can impact...

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Property Settlement Lawyer Perth

Restraining Orders

If someone threatens, intimidates and harasses you, or causes you to fear for your personal safety and well-being...

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Restraining Orders Perth

Drug Offences

If you are charged with a drug-related matter, drug offense or drug infringement in Perth, its seriousness will mainly...

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Expertise - Drug Offences

Traffic Offences

If you’ve recently been charged for a traffic or driving offence, including drinking and driving, drug driving, or driving...

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Expertise - Traffic Offences

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