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We appear regularly in the Perth Children’s Court for the following matters:

  • Matters relating to the care and protection of both children and young people; and
  • Criminal matters involving children and young people.

We have an experienced team who can provide tailored guidance and representation in the following areas:

  • Child Protection applications such as the removal of children from unfit situations
  • Your rights in relation to case plan appeals and the process required
  • All family court legal actions and procedures
  • Variations, extensions, and revocations of Children’s Court orders

What are my rights when it comes to the Perth Children’s Court?

It can be tough for a family or primary carer to know their legal parental rights in these situations or how to understand the Children’s Court process.   We understand the urgent need to resolve these matters and as such will diligently seek to resolve child protection matters as quickly as we can.   Once we are notified of a child being taken into care and protection, it is important to quickly seek legal representation and support.

Child Protection & Child Abuse Legal Support in Perth

Many workplace professionals such as carers or counsellors are legally required to report Child Abuse or Child Protection claims if they find reasonable grounds that protection is required for a minor from physical injury or sexual abuse.  This does not mean that the report will proceed to court or legal action, however, it helps protect those at risk. Removing a child from their primary carer, family or home should always be the last resort, but our responsibility is to those who need protection and families who need support.

Our advice is practical and delivered in a simple way so that children, young people, parents and guardians can all understand what is required and likely to happen at court. Contact us to discuss further.


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