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5 Simple Benefits to Having a Family Lawyer

Divorce and separation are a stressful time, even when your split is amicable. Having someone to lean on throughout separation, divorce, mediation, financial and custody negotiations, court procedures, and whatever else comes your way can make all the difference.
So what are the benefits to having a family lawyer by your side?
5 Simple Benefits to Having a Family Lawyer

ONE: Saves time and money

Getting expert advice can actually save you money. The process around family law can get expensive quickly, particularly once it goes to court. Having someone by your side who knows how to cut through the red tape and the legalese can save countless false starts and dead ends, not to mention the stress, all of which saves your hip pocket.

TWO: Support and crisis management

Relationship breakdown and family crisis are traumatic, and make all those involved feel stressed and vulnerable. A good family lawyer can ease some of that stress.

While some people feel involving a lawyer might inflame an already difficult situation, many of our clients find the support and level headed approach that comes with good professional advice can actually help make things clearer and calmer.

And in the most difficult situations, your family lawyer can help you to file Violence or Misconduct Restraining Orders, and to do what’s needed to protect you and your loved ones.

THREE: An unbiased view

It can be difficult to see what to do when emotions are running high. It’s easy to miss things, and to muddy the waters, resulting in mix-ups, or even big losses.

A family lawyer can provide an impartial advocate who can weigh the facts and help you make decisions and understand your rights while minimising the emotional stress and heartache. They can present all your options clearly, give you honest, realistic advice, and break down the costs of moving ahead before you get into trouble.

FOUR: Specialist knowledge – we know all the shortcuts

The law can be complicated to understand, even for those of us who work in it! Laws relating to family matters change from state to state, and country to country. It can take time even just figuring out which papers to file, and when. A family lawyer not only simplifies the process, but can make it work to your advantage.

FIVE: Preparing for the future

Good legal preparation can avert problems for years to come. Whether it’s a prenuptial agreement, custody agreements, mediation, or any other aspect of family law, getting it right the first time can save you years of heartache.

We can help you to set up parenting plans, set up binding financial agreements, guardianship of dependents, help you with mediation, and anything else you might need to set you up for the future. Click here for a full list of our services. 

What’s the next step?

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