Parenting Rights

We are experts when it comes to seeking and obtaining court orders relating to children of the relationship.

Child Support

If your children spend most of their time with you, you are likely to be entitled to child support payments.

Children's Court

We appear regularly in the Perth Children’s Court for matters relating to the care and protection of both children and young people.


If you’ve been separated for more than 12 months you will be able to apply for divorce.

Property Settlement

When people separate, they usually need to sort out how to divide their assets (property) and debts.

Restraining Order

If someone threatens, intimidates and harass you, you can have a restraining order taken out against them.

Drug Offences

If you are charged with a drug-related matter, its seriousness will mainly depend on the quantity of drugs or plants seized and the length of time the offences span.

Traffic Offences

If you’ve recently been charged for a traffic or driving offence, you need a lawyer to assist you in understanding the best possible outcome you can achieve.


We’re an experienced team of Perth family lawyers specialising in all aspects of family law, from divorce to child custody.

Our Expertise

Being a family-focused legal practice, we understand the complexities, challenges and discretion required when it comes to handling such personal and sensitive matters. Our team of Perth family lawyers are ready to help.

You can trust Frost & Associates to do what is right, even when that may be hard or inconvenient.

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We are a family focused legal practice in Perth who are ready to partner with you.


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